Leaving So Soon?

Wouldn't you rather stay and have a glass of wine with me?

I understand that sometimes people cancel their memberships. Occasionally it's because of money issues. I'd like to help you out by reducing the cost of your membership if you decide to stay with me.

40% OFF!

Paying $24.88 a month now? Your new rate will be $14.93.

Perhaps you're paying $49.88 every 90 days? Not any more!
Your new rate will be $29.93 every 90 days.

*This new rate will go into effect on the next rebill, and will stay at this lower rate until you cancel.


If you still wish to cancel, you can do so by following this button.

*I understand that by cancelling now, I am not eligible for the reduced rate if I rejoin at a later date.

If you do cancel and come back at a later date, you will have to start all over again with the regular rate.
So, I hope to keep you inside me (my site, that is), and keep having fun!

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